COURSE 1                                        PROFESSIONAL TRAINING
Extends consideration on- Religion, the 7-Cardinal Principles,
Universal Harmony Symbols:  The Torch of Truth and The Violet
Font, Building of Personality, Jesus:  The "Universal" Minister,
Administrations:  Public and Private Ministerial Services, Rostrum
Procedures, the Sermon Message, the Universal Harmony
Brochure, etc.

COURSE 2                                        SCRIPTURAL TRAINING
Presents specialized Biblical Research - Jesus and His Four-Fold
Ministry, Spiritual Healing Series, Psychic Science Series, Everyday
Biblical Guidance, World Bibles, the Universal Harmony Bible,
Scientific Biblical Facts, etc.

COURSE 3                                        PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS
Informs on - Thought (Series:  Power, Control, Nature, Effects),
Deity-and-Man (Series:  Universal Spirit, Attributes, Individual
Spirit), Soul-and-Body Inter-Action (Series), Practical Tracts:  
REALIZATION, Spiritual Introspection, Divine Love, etc.

COURSE 4                                        THE SCIENCE OF SOUL
Encourages cultivation of the BEing - The Spiritual Life, Meditative
Communion, the Golden Mean, Cosmic Law, extended series on
Soul-Training System in Discipline, Confidence, Action, Knowledge,

COURSE 5                                        THE SCIENCE OF SOUL
Imparts Principles of Mysticism - The Gospel of Oneness, the
Mystics, Delusion of Division, Mystical Paths, and examination into
the Oriental Training System of Yoga:  The Guru, the Chela, Schools
of Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini, etc.

COURSE 6                                        INTUITIONAL DEVELOPMENT
(Psychic Science)
Discusses - Intuitional Development (Scientific Procedures), Signs
of Psychic Unfoldment, Super-normal Symbology, the Scientific
Teacher, Control for the Practitioner and Student, the Intuitive or
Psychic Circle (Organization and Conducting), etc.

COURSE 7                                        INTUITIONAL DEVELOPMENT
Sets forth - Scientific Facts on Intuitive Powers, Classification of
Psychic Phenomena, The World Beyond, Intuitive Dreams,
Psychometry, the Human Aura (Series:  Nature, Manifestation,
Delineation), the 5-Prime Natural Laws of Psychic Manifestation, etc.

COURSE 8                                        INTUITIONAL DEVELOPMENT
(Special Studies)
Expounds - The Three-Fold Psychic Science Category:  Mental,
Motor, and Physical Phases, Distinctive Characteristics of the
3-Fold Classification, Examples, and Modus Operandi.

COURSE 9                                        SPIRITUAL HEALING
Elucidates on - The Spiritual healing Field:  Its Modes and
Administrations, the Harmonic System of Spiritual Therapy, Soul
Therapy, Spiritual Catharsis, Prayer, Confession, etc.
Rev. Nancy Castillo
Someday the scientists
will turn their laboratories
over to the study of God
and Prayer, and the
spiritual forces which, as
yet, have hardly been

C. Steinmetz

Now there are diversities
of gifts, but the same
spirit.  And there are
differences of
administrations, but the
same Lord.  And there are
diversities of operations,
but it is the same God
which worketh all in all.

Apostle Paul:          
1Corinthians 12:4-6

The work of Comparative
Theology (Science of
Religion) is to do equal
justice to all the religious
tendencies of mankind.

James Freeman Clarke:
Ten Great Religions

See me!...
Thou canst not! - nor with
human eyes!,..
Therefore I give thee
sense divine.

Bhagavad Gita
Book XI
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Seminole, FL  33772